martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

review on Vital Weekly

A review for Mixturizer "mxtrzr" CDr [RNF-040] just posted today on Vital Weekly:

I thought I had reviewed more than just a comp but then perhaps I'm not thinking.. Here the electronics go through slow processing and manipulations - slow enough to be predictable and almost precisely atypical of any conventional western music. Compare with Spruit where the chop up offers a different more open approach to the development of forms more akin to their digital genesis. There is a massive hour and 8 minutes here - some latter tracks of almost sheer harsh noise others play with rhythms devices and real feedback. The more "live" the pieces the better, the human as opposed to microsecond digital manipulations. This focuses on an important issue - to engage in change today the need is to rely on the hyperfast logic switching of cybernetics or else deny change in the move to HWN. To "hear" the foot moving the wah wah or hear the hand turning the filter / oscillator is to remove us back into a past which is dead and gone. So the last track is the most successful of the 9 apart from the needless fade into reverb. Still the old gods work - "The old habit, however, of associating a goal with every event and a guiding, creative God with the world, is so powerful that it requires an effort for a thinker not to fall into thinking of the very aimlessness of the world as intended. " (jliat)
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