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Mystified "Science Fiction" Review on Heathen Harvest

Mystified's Science fiction starts of with Thomas Park’s trademark drones backed with a punctual beat; however Cold Radiance holds the radiating drone as a constant with the repeated beat moving from background to foreground. Park immediately holds true to form demonstrating the twin skills of minimal usage of elements and title/track harmony. The beat vanishes leaving Haunted Drone combine a haunted drone and atmospheric treble atmospheric shimmer. The drone moves in depth across the track to good effect, keeping the listeners attention fixed. Deep Freq takes the level right down to a rumble, that teeters on the edge of distortion, combined with the shifts in low frequency, the levels of crackle are edged slightly creating a dance between the two. Ten and Two takes over the distortion this time moving alongside a sharp frequency, distorted crackling is now taking prominence of Science Fiction the speed of the crackling changes alongside that of the sharp frequency; this shifts the levels of intensity well. The elements combined shift to such extreme that Mystified enters the area of power electronics for a brief instant. Moscow follows suite with an intensified humming motorized drone with the beat re-entering.

The beat remains sharp allowing the drones to mutate, the basic beat is dorky, timeless and funny, the sounds remind one how over motorized Moscow is vehicle wise; there are also nods to Kraftwerk’s Autobahn made here . Carnival Drone combines a carnivalesqe drone with backing sounds hidden well to an almost subliminal frequency, this shows a difference with a slightly more prominent ghostly darkness than other releases. Science Fiction hits unusually quickly with three elements that immediately make the mind think of UFO/extra terrestrial life forms, whilst continuing to revel in darkness. Spatial awareness is also shown in the timeframe to good effect, the sounds also sound like they are trying to communicate. Polar Midnight continues with scope of space but with a deep humming drone that remains in a limbo that is neither in the forefront or background. Happening gives a return of static with a shift in sound given by an airy wind like sound. Sustain offers combines melodic organ like sounds and dark channeled atmospheres to a wind down finale and simply vanishes.

Science Fiction is another well thought out album by Mystified with a sci-fi bent, sending the brain into overdrive, Blade Runner should have yet another directors cut, but this time with this as the soundtrack.

Tuesday, September 15 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Zenon Gradkowski

VOMIR / MIXTURIZER - Split CDR coming out soon!

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"Altered Neurologycal Function" Review on Heathen Harvest

Altered Neurological function is a compilation of artists from around the world, some share similarities, some are vastly different. Darth / Nader set the mood to a bleak atmospheric ambience immediately. Darth/Nader is Jared Butler and Cory Thrall, their track ‘Sleeping in Shifts’ is pleasingly dark, and unsettling for its one sudden jolt of noise. That works well, in their being a slap with the build up of ambience, nice touch. Thee mighty Ctephin continue with their usual majestic build up of atmosphere, as a Ctephin fan, they are on full form here with Jupiter Invocation. (Their Thee Dreamtime is a well recommended release) Their occult overtones are compelling and forever developing onwards and upwards; on here they move the discs mood on well into a mystic ambient territory.

Tzesne break in with Fundar La Primera which is a barrage of low level noise which hums and crackles with an overlay of unpleasant tone and samples. Serving as a good control of low level noise to good effect, Fundar breaks up as quickly as it broke in. Mystified contribute a track from their Foiled Again album, Static Surfer pulls back slightly from the full throttle reached by the first three tracks; Static Surfer is one of their more intense tracks and fits in well here.

C_Utter from Spain produce a more tonal drone with damaged voice sampling thrown into the mix. This gradually breaks into a power electronics/noise work out. Texas based Death Trance combine drone with a tunnel like effect, it is a little less full on than some of the previous tracks yet holds the darkness well. Netherlands Kristus Kut creates sound by hitting treated string instruments along with programming on Sinking Into Silent Dreams offers a piece of well executed solemn atmospheric drone that initially feels as if it is nodding to the sci-fi soundtracks of the 70s and 80s. It is punctuated throughout by percussive strings, which takes it well away from being just an exercise in nostalgia.

Swamps up Nostrils’ atmospheres sound like they are from another planet on Herr Probe the low level sound of this track follows through well and continues on a similar level with Flat Effect. Their track Eighth Circle is a strong piece of low level ambient experimentation, with drone and a lot more interesting minor details.

Project Horsed breaks in with an old style industrial/ambient giving an effective combination of drone and looped sounds overlaid with different sounds to good effect and change throughout Sub. Norss is no longer with us, operating now under the name ULv, however their offering Ritueel Bloedvergieten bubbles under the surface at a low level, never rising. Flowers of Flesh and Blood surface immediately with harsh ambience or what I would call Power Electronic Ambience, distortion and unpleasant feedback provide the two main characteristics, with the distortion pulsing and the feedback changing tone, by far the most Altered Neurologically Functioning track on here, slight yet harsh. No share Flowers.. title as Neurological shift champions, they start off sounding in a similar vein to Chrome with feedback threatening to break into riff, yet it never does shifting into an exciting ritualistic intensity, guitars eventually surface, but not how I expected them .No exist in their own territory and don’t use the Chromisms to drop into Skullflower territory, their nearest contemporary being P.A.R.A.

Overall Altered Neurological Function is a wide range of approaches represented in the noise/experimental underground, the album moves along smoothly in its wide range of sounds. The artists all provide strong tracks and they all play off each other well. This is a strong compilation in a slimline DVD case; it sets a high standard for future volumes.

Tuesday, September 15 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Zenon Gradkowski

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review on Vital Weekly

A review for Mixturizer "mxtrzr" CDr [RNF-040] just posted today on Vital Weekly:

I thought I had reviewed more than just a comp but then perhaps I'm not thinking.. Here the electronics go through slow processing and manipulations - slow enough to be predictable and almost precisely atypical of any conventional western music. Compare with Spruit where the chop up offers a different more open approach to the development of forms more akin to their digital genesis. There is a massive hour and 8 minutes here - some latter tracks of almost sheer harsh noise others play with rhythms devices and real feedback. The more "live" the pieces the better, the human as opposed to microsecond digital manipulations. This focuses on an important issue - to engage in change today the need is to rely on the hyperfast logic switching of cybernetics or else deny change in the move to HWN. To "hear" the foot moving the wah wah or hear the hand turning the filter / oscillator is to remove us back into a past which is dead and gone. So the last track is the most successful of the 9 apart from the needless fade into reverb. Still the old gods work - "The old habit, however, of associating a goal with every event and a guiding, creative God with the world, is so powerful that it requires an effort for a thinker not to fall into thinking of the very aimlessness of the world as intended. " (jliat)
Address (

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Hola amigos. Este es el enlace con el que podeis descargar el programa del 2 de Septiembre con estos contenidos:

Hello friends. This is the link with you can download the 2th September's radio show with this contents:

JUAN PARERA : improv, new music, free & new jazz, composition...
John Butcher - Resonant Spaces - Confront
Veryan Weston - Allusions - Emanem
Okkyung Lee, Peter Evans & Steve Beresford - Check For Monsters - Emanem
Denis Beuret, Hans Koch & Vinz Vonlanthen - Sinopsis - Altrisuoni
Andreas Willers - Drowning Migrant - Leo Records
Lapslap - Scratch – Leo Records

CURTIS : digitalismo, música experimental, computer music, electroacústica...
Paolo Angeli - Tussuti Plays Frith & Björk - Recommended
Rec_Overflow - Madrid - Spark
Grisha Lichtenberger - Treibgut - Raster Noton
Andres Leo - Skeletons On Rock - Laton
V.A. - Ich Glaube Ich Hoere Genesungwerk - Genesungwerk
Hypo - Karaoke A Capella - Active Suspensions

MANUEL: noise, industrial, dark ambient, power noise, drone ...
Assholemouthead - Lawinen Des Blutes. Second Edition - Smell The Stench
Moke Grotton - Worst Nurtured Stimulus - R.O.N.F. Records
Xedh - Vinduskarm - Triple Bath
Brandkommando - USA, The United States Of China - Beast Of Prey
Audiocum - Split CDr with Animal Machine - CNCCR
Kristus Kut - Split CDr with Mystified - Catankerous Records
Earth Incubator - Sexual Noise 2: Pornoise - Symbolic Prod
Kjetil Hanssen - Lynching - Ambolthue Records
Wander - Wander - R.O.N.F. Records
Vomir - Proanomie - At War With False Noise

Radio Ciutat Vella 100.4 fm.
Miércoles - Wednesday 22pm - 24 pm
Isabel García / P.O. Box 28225 / 08080 - Barcelona ( Spain )
la_rebelion (at) ya (dot) com

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Brandkommando , one man power electronics act from Poland started in May 2005.

BRANDKOMMANDO available releases on R.O.N.F. Records mailorder

" Imperium " CDr (SYMBOLIC PROD)
" Welcome To Paradise " CDr (TOSOM)
"USA - The United States Of China" CD (Beast Of Prey)
"Patria, Socialismo O Muerte!" CDr (Sickcore)

Upcoming CDr on R.O.N.F. Records, September 2009:
"We All Love Your Children"

check out this compilation



12 tracks with: Gas Chamber; Mania; Slut Kull; The Vomit Arsonist; Chav Stabber; Fecalove; Clo Goelach; Vomir; Bitter; Morbid Behavior; Mixturizer; Liver Mortis.
This V/A include tape & booklet with exclusive artworks for each bands.
Limited edition of 100 copies.