viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

DOR - "From The Personal Fear To The Social Agony"

"From The Personal Fear To The Social Agony"

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

new review - MIXTURIZER

New review posted in Heathen Harvest:

MIXTURIZER - "mxtrzr" [R.O.N.F Records - 2009]

Nothing like a good collection of noise to get your blood flowing in the morning!! Prolific Spanish experimental musician and R.O.N.F Records co-owner, Manuel M. Cubas, unleashes his opus of ear-ripping, mind-melting, skin-brittling sound exercises on this CD-R compilation.

This work, entitled “mxtrzr” is a compilation of work he’s done over the course of this project’s 4-year existence, across his already very expansive discography. Mixturizer has yet to release a full CD-album, but you can definitely regard this compilation as a complete work. An introduction to the nerve-shredding psychosis that is Manuel’s specialty.

I’ve listened to quite a number of noise artists, perhaps have witnessed more live acts than have actually bought albums, but very few work so efficiently at getting under your skin the way this guy does. Even at low volumes, I’ve often walked away from this CD feeling more than a little light-headed. The textures and frequencies he uses work in such a way that you feel you are being peeled, layer by layer, rather than having sounds drilled into your head as with many of the Japanese artists. He will start off subtle, then use repetition while gradually becoming more and more course and discomforting, and just when you feel you’re becoming used to it, he will turn up the frequency, or do something else to push your mind to the snapping point. It’s actually quite ingenious.

The first song is a great example of this. It uses the medium of high-frequency crackles and whines over it’s length to numb, unnerve, and finally strip the mind of all resistence, before climbing right up into the highest frequencies before changing gears and descending into a clamor of low sounds and subtle amorphous textures resembling the sensation of hearing voices in the wind.

Each track uses a different medium of hypnotic sounds to work in different ways of turning the knobs of your mind the wrong way.

I was once introduced to the power of theta wave technology, and I wouldn’t doubt it if it was being employed here. The frequencies can be sheerly overwhelming at times. My cheap ass CDJ set tends to crap out any time I try to play this CD. Also, the transition between the tracks is definitely NOT subtle and occasionally startling during sudden changes as the previous track fades out.

The second track features escalating waves of oscillating spacey sounds, while the next track is a full-on blast of low-high frequency deafening static that comes on as a roar and leaves you with no escape, it slowly morphs into something resembling metallic explosions.

Track four contains some very simple ghostly organ sounds that rise, fall, and cut out in volume as the sounds suddenly switch from one pitch to another. There’s one track that features samples from underrated experimental music guru Maurizio Bianchi, which comes off as an enveloping clamor of all forms of metallic objects.

This CD would definitely appeal to all fans of noise, experimental, and even musique concrete, but is most definitely NOT for the timid. It’s also got a definite surreal side to it, and with it’s variety of different sound textures used, it will never bore the listener. Different sounds resemble different objects and shades of paint used in portraying a very vivid jarring landscape of color and texture. Beautiful, but in no way whatsoever tame or gentle.

A rewarding experience awaits those with an open mind and appetite for surrealistic sound. Perhaps I SHOULD tell you that if you’re new to noise, to start off with a tamer record, but the true noise music fan inside me honestly tells you no introduction would be better!!