martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

"Neurotransmitters" Review on Vital Weekly



Reviewed on VITAL WEEKLY:

A heavy duty collaboration between the old master Maurizio Bianchi and Maor Appelbaum, a younger player in the field of noise music. Although both get a credit for writing the music, it is mixed by Appelbaum, which is not uncommon. Many of the current Bianchi albums feature him as a musician, but never as the person to finish the collaboration. Its a bit of a mystery what his role is. Does he send sound files to the other who then remixes them? It seems so. Two pieces here of some excellent noise drone music. Whatever the input - either some sort of synthesizer sounds or perhaps the recordings of a washing machine - it used to trigger a whole bunch of sound effects that makes the work top heavy. There is constant change running through these pieces, always something going on, without making many new directions, more a further deepening of the various themes in the sound material available. Crashing, cascading sounds, like thunderous storms wail upon the listener. This is noise indeed, but this is noise that I like. The drone element is amplified, neh exploded to the very top end, and this is a perfect example of industrial music. It cleanses your ears and refreshes your mind. Better than the real neurotransmitters. (FdW)

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